June 2017


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Jun. 14th, 2017

Plots, Prefs, Etc.

I'll try to be as un-rambly as possible.

This Is A Mandatory Read!
- I only roleplay with players who are 18 and older. As of June 2017, I'm 25 years old. EST (Midwest USA) for me but I don't care what timezone my partners are in.
- I'm open to roleplaying on Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Litphoria, F-List, and InsaneJournal. I'm not interested in email RP, I don't use AIM, I rarely use Skype and much prefer Discord, although I'm not sure about Discord RP.
- I prefer past tense but I'm open to present tense too. And third person only, first person creeps me out. I'm okay with the occasional second person comment like in this short example: "A did a spooky thing. You better watch out, B!"
- I prefer posts that are 1-3 paragraphs, I don't give a fuck about excessive prose or waxing poetic about a shrub in the background. That means no "oculars" and other dumb words that you grabbed from a thesaurus.
- Please note that I have disabilities like Fibromyalgia that affect my memory, make me fatigued, etc.. I don't take kindly to people who expect their partners to drop everything to respond to them, or people who take it super personally when I forget things. I'm okay with slower PSLs but obviously I don't want to wait 5 years for a paragraph. Let me know if life gets hectic!

- No pillow queens, either in an IC or OOC context. Smut-wise, I prefer to play tops/switches against characters who aren't dead fish. If I have to carry most of the thread, I'm not going to enjoy it.
- I'm open to roleplaying with OCs or live action characters but I don't like live action PBs for animated characters. I'm not going to use them so don't bother asking. I'm not comfortable roleplaying against real people though. Harry Potter? Sure. Daniel Radcliffe? Nah, son.
- I'm open to constructive criticism and I'd vastly prefer a partner who's open to it as well. People who blow a gasket at the smallest hint of "I don't like a thing" need not apply because I've got no time for that shit.
- I'm open to smut and kinky shit, but I prefer to keep it in a locked post. I'm open to fading to black but I like to play the emotional aspect of smut rather than PWP. I don't consider myself that judgmental when it comes to weirder kinks, just ask me if I'm open to playing X if you're not sure. The worst thing that I'll say is "no" unless you're being pushy/creepy about it.
- Don't be pushy. I mean it.

Plot-wise, I'm open to...
Adventure, alternate universes, angst, apocalypse, arranged marriage, death domestic, fantasy, gore, horror, humor (the more jokes, the better!), met online, monsters, psychological, romance, slice of life, supernatural, texting/TFLN, time travel, workplace, world-building, and more that I haven't added yet. I'm picky about historical and sci-fi stuff, and sports bore me to tears.

AU-wise, I'm open to...
Aikatsu!, Ancient Egypt, Animal Crossing/dumb town life, Celeb/Idol life, Danganronpa, Death Note, Digimon, Disney, Farms/Harvest Moon, Internet/Youtuber, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (I watch the anime only so I'm very behind!), Magi (Haven't touched the manga yet!), modern day, Monster stuff of any kind (from vampires to ghosts to slime girls), Noragami, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Pokemon, Prince/pauper or royalty stuff, Soul Eater, Steins;Gate, Sword Art Online/"Trapped in a video game", Tiger and Bunny, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Zoids after I rewatch it omg, uh... Ask me about others, there are definitely AU plots on here that I haven't added yet. Really silly stuff like an Extreme Cheapskates AU or "AU where X is a(n) neckbeard/Ancient Aliens fan/tsundere" are fine with me, lol.

Ship-wise, I'm open to...</br> Het, slash, femslash, whatever, it's all good. I'm open to playing my characters as bi/pansexual so gender doesn't matter. I'm okay with playing with genderbends too, but as somebody who's trans (FTM), don't do stupid shit make a male character female and then have her immediately have her period and freak out, or suddenly be into shopping and cute boys, or something equally as stupid.

Uh... This is still a WIP.

Muse List (Accounts not on IJ yet!)

Copied from my muse list on Dreamwidth which is here.


Click on an icon for whichever muse that you want to read information on and that's the gist of this code! Thanks for checking my muses out!

Code by [community profile] bannertech, slightly modified by [community profile] waruvial.

If you want to nab this code for yourself, go to my muse list on Dreamwidth and edit accordingly! And please don't remove the credit for either of us!

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An idol who makes herself stand out by acting out a vampire character for her fans. Loves vamp fiction and horror. Acts like a hammy and cocky vampire that calls herself The Great Yurika-sama (maybe The Great Lady Yurka if you prefer no honorifics), but reveals herself to be a more meek megane girl to her friends. Prowls the night in her free time to do dorky vampy things like the vampaboo that she is. Uses double negatives at times. Her favorite food is garlic ramen, very irony many laughs wow. Can be tsundere sometimes. It's not like she w-wanted to suck your blood or anything!!!

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Former slave with an inferiority complex. Member of the proud Fanalis race, a race of people with superhuman strength and senses, red hair, and red eyes. Kind of quiet. Not afraid to kick some ass when it comes to protecting herself and the people that she cares about. WIP.

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Has difficulty realizing IC =/= OOC with regards to real life and video games. Loves net games but is downright terrible at them on her own. Prefers equipment that's cute/sentimental rather than useful. Wishes that she could drop out of school and live as a housewife playing games all day. Doesn't trust easily due to being abandoned by past party members. Gets jealous easily.

"Really, normies can just die already. People who get confessed to ought to get out of the game. Just being close to them makes me feel like sorrow is coming. Ah, I wish those people would die out. They're a plague on the world."

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Celestial delinquent (as described by a cross-canon character) who got kicked out of heaven for being a selfish, misbehaving jerk. Loves candy, pastries, any kind of sweets. Very vulgar, swears like a sailor. Some "angel," right?

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